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This new addition over the last few years offers the same great products you are used to in cedar but with very minimal maintenance.  No re-staining or painting, just regular cleaning is required to keep these items looking new.  With 27 colours to choose from we are sure you will find one that suits.

Available Sizes

We have Muskoka Chairs for adults, children and babies. For adults, we offer three sizes:

3/4" recycled plastic with a 5.5" wide arm

3/4" recycled plastic with an 8" wide arm

1" recycled plastic with a 7.5" wide arm

Our baby Muskoka Chairs are generally good for wee ones up to the age of 2. Then they're perfect for displaying your child's favourite teddy bears!


¾”x 5 ½” wide arm: $349.00

¾” x 8” wide arm: $399.00 

1” x 7 ½” wide arm: $499.00 

Available Colours

We have 27 colours to choose from. With our recycled plastic chairs the colour is all the way through the material

Please note: not all colours are available in all sizes.

Please note: not all colours are available in all sizes.

Recycled Plastic Chairs Gallery

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