Muskoka Chair Company

The Original Muskoka Chair Manufacturer in Muskoka

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Other Furniture

We are more than just Muskoka Chairs.  Some of our other furniture includes: round and rectangular side tables, footstools, round coffee tables, and Muskoka benches. We also offer a variety of products that incorporate our Muskoka Chair, such as a Muskoka Chair bench, doubles with tables and rocking chairs.

We do offer custom furniture, such as picnic tables, dining/bar tables and chairs, benches and planters contact us for further details.

Cushions and UmbrellaS

Our cushions for our Muskoka Chairs are custom made locally to fit our chairs.  We use only Sunbrella fabric so you get a quality fabric for years of enjoyment.

For umbrellas we offer two main types. One an 11ft Market Style with an aluminum auto tilt pole and Sunbrella fabric top.  This option is a great addition to any table set.  The other umbrella we offer a canteliever style which is a great option for a free standing umbrella, as it has no centre pole it allows flexibility for placement.  This is 11.5 feet in size. The fabric for this umbrella is not Sunbrella, as it is made in Europe.

We also sell Jensen Leisure Furniture. Please view their website and product catalogue. 


Cedar Looks products available at Muskoka Chair Company.

Furniture Gallery

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