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Kit Muskoka Chairs

Since 2013, we've been offering our popular recycled plastic Muskoka Chairs in kit form.  We feel it is a great project and you don't have to be handy with tools to put it together.  All the pre-drilling is done, and stainless hardware provided, along with a great instruction booklet.  Our recycled plastic Muskoka Chairs are what the kit was intended for but cedar can be ordered this way as well for ease of courier or vehicle transport.

Misplaced your instructions booklet? No problem! Please click the link below.

Assembly  Instructions for Kit Muskoka Chairs


¾”x 5 ½” wide arm: $349

¾” x 8” wide arm:  $399

1” x 7.5” wide arm: $499

Please note our Cranberry Festival Sale is 50% of full retail, on now till October 21, 2019


Shipping Information for Recycled Plastic Chairs

If you can't take a day to enjoy a drive up to beautiful Port Carling, in the heart of Muskoka, you can order your chairs by phone or email and have them shipped. Here are the weights and dimensions of our recycled plastic chairs in kit form if you would like to arrange shipping through your preferred company: (box sizes are approximate)

¾”x 5 ½” wide arm:  48 lbs, Box Size 41” x 12.5” x 7”

¾” x 8” wide arm:     52 lbs, Box Size 41” x 12.5” x 8”

1” x 7 ½” wide arm:   80 lbs, Box Size 41” x 12.5” x 10”

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